Tandem Race Case

The Tandem Case is so convenient to use and easy to store that it has become the case most recommended by tandem bicycle manufacturers to their customers. This version of the Race Case has all the protection qualities of the other cases but in a stretched format to fit most tandem bicycles. The Tandem Race Case comes with a gear bag, two wheel bags, and a derailleur bag. For ease of mobility, the Tandem Race case is mounted on four large casters. It also has a removable pull strap and six handles.



This case comes in the following sizes and weight. (Find your bike's size here).

Tandem Case: 30x72x10 41 lbs

Oversize Race Case: 34x72x10 43 lbs

2X Oversize Race Case: 38x72x10 45 lbs

Tandem Race Case
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Price $715.00