Race Case

The Race Case is the most compact versatile travel case on the market. Designed for either a single road or mountain bike, it is available in three standard heights to fit any bicycle. The newest member of the Race Case family is a model designed specifically for "Downhill" style mountain bikes with triple crown forks and longer frame geometry. With all the same great features of its Race Case cousins, the Downhill family members are five inches longer. Because of headset dynamics, these cases are available in sizes starting at our usual oversize measurements. We manufacture the Downhill Race Cases in both single and double bike configurations. All Race Cases come with a gear bag, two wheel bags and a derailleur bag. The four casters, removable shoulder strap, and four carrying handles make moving or lifting the Race Case a breeze. All Race Cases are capable of holding up to two pairs of wheels.


This case comes in the following sizes and weight. (Find your bike's size here).

Race Case: 30x48x10 29 lbs

Oversize Race Case: 34x48x10 31 lbs

2X Oversize Race Case: 38x48x10 33 lbs

Downhill Oversize Race Case: 34x53x10 33 lbs

Downhill 2X Oversize Race Case: 38x53x10 35 lbs

Race Case
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